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Hydejack is a cutting-edge Jekyll theme that combines the best of static sites and modern web apps. It features a suite of JavaScript that makes the page feel like an app, without sacrificing backwards-compatibility, page-load speed or SEO.

Your presence on the web — A blog, a portfolio and a resume.

It aims to be the complete package for professionals on the web. It features a blog suitable for both prose and technical documentation, a showcase for projects and a resume that fits with the rest of the design.

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Both the PRO and free version includes all of the features listed below:

  • Full in-app page loading — no Flash of White, no Flash of Unstyled Content1
  • Advanced animations, inspired by Material Design
  • A customizable sidebar that turns into a touch-enabled app drawer on mobile
  • Near-perfect Google PageSpeed Score2
  • Even higher perceived speed thanks to pre-fetching and latency-hiding
  • Support for categories and tags — even when hosting on GitHub Pages
  • Built-in collection of social media icons
  • Author section below each article and multiple authors
  • Simple and semantic HTML — can be viewed even with text-based browsers
  • Progressive enhancement — sacrifice features, not content
  • Google Analytics and Google Fonts support
  • Blog layout with pagination
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Math formulas via LaTeX
  • Disqus comments
  • RSS feed
  • Print layout

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Hydejack is documented extensively. You can read it on this site, in the repository’s wiki, or download the PDF.

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There are two versions of Hydejack: The Free Version includes basic blogging functionality, as did previous versions of the theme. The new PRO Version includes additional features for professionals: A portfolio, a resume layout and a welcome page to feature your favorite projects and posts.

This table details what is and isn’t included in each respective version.

  Free PRO
Features (see below)
Portfolio Layout  
Resume Layout  
Welcome Layout  
License MIT PRO
Price Free $34
  Download on GitHub
– or –
Use the RubyGem
Buy Now – $343

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  1. Applies after the initial page load. ↩︎

  2. Actual page load speed depends on your hosting provider as well as discipline regarding resolution of images and usage of 3rd party plugins. ↩︎

  3. Transactions secured by Stripe. Downloads handled by Simple Goods↩︎

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